The Crow's Caw
The Crone's Crow by Thomas Montague, Ithaca New York

The Crone's Crow by Thomas Montague, Ithaca New York


Welcome to The Crow's Caw

Do you sometime feel isolated in your understanding and application of your spiritual beliefs? Do you ever question the beliefs handed down from parents or grandparents? Do you ever look out upon the "religions" in the world and wonder why some project fear and division when love is their marching order? I did and when I thought of a religion, I pictured groups of people who agree in the same understanding about the universe we live in and the "rules to live by" or that one where people are "guided by a heart" opened to the flow of the all loving Creator and the Spirit we are endowed with moving through them. That second option really isn't a religion but if given a name, it might be the Way and encompass many travelers from various religions that have truly tapped into the core of their being. It is a way of living a life trusting in the love and continual support of the indwelling of Spirit.

I am Katherine “Kat” Yerger and before I delve any more into my website at length I want to share my beliefs  about Shamanism and Christianity and how I blend and understand them; I invite you to continue on with me just a little bit more.

The First Nations and indigenous cultures always find the living Spirit in all things; using Great Mystery as the name to identify by many. The Way also believes there is a Christ in all things and a Holy Spirit that enlivens them. The freedom given by the Spirit when recognized within ourselves and others and in all creation releases us from the "we must follow the rules to be loved" mentality. We are already loved unconditionally and are part of the Great Mystery. The shamanic way of living like the Christian belief in a Spirit filled universe creates a peaceful and harmonious path to follow through this world around us. It is a focused Way to live.

The Tengerist shaman honor the Four Directions, the Spirit in all living things, that we are all connected, and as all shamanic practices do, we need to support Mother Earth. The Tengerist believe in One God. I believe in  One God with a three Persons Trinity - or let us say aspects. I do not know if the Tengerist have this Trinitarian belief but it is clear in my understanding of them they recognize the Christ, but maybe don't have an identifying name. The Son aspect of God brought to light, literally in Jesus, that the Christ resides in all things from the very begin, including each and every human.  

Going into silent prayer or on a shamanic journey, the Great Mystery, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit, all three, are present within me and within the forms Spirit takes in revealing wisdom and power. This is the action we need to take, stop doing and begin being present to God. I do not believe God is keeping track of how we follow the rules; however, as you sow you will reap is something to keep in mind.

Through the continued reading and studying of writings by St. Francis of Assisi, St. Hildegard of Bingen, biblical passages, indigenous teaching, and others wisdom teachers, this evolves as my journey's Way. The blended shamanic and christian ways of life, imbued with a truly peaceful intention, helps maintain a peaceful walk. I humbly invoke the Trinity which resides in the energies of the four cardinal directions, my spiritual guides, and angles to be present when I teach and share my offerings.  Enjoy your visit as I hope you decide to continue.