Riding the beat of the drum

What to expect:

The first part of the session will be the background information about shamanism and the native uses for this practice. The difference between cultural and core shamanism, which is taught, will be explained to assist with understanding the changes that have occurred over time. You will then be instructed into the techniques of journeying and have the opportunity to take one or two journeys.  This will be the basic introduction and provide a feel for the experience.  You can continue with additional sessions should you find this work rewarding and compatible with what you want to support your life.


Your take away:

You will get firsthand experience of what the shamanic men and women experienced 10,000 or more years ago.  They contacted the non-ordinary reality to receive guidance for their tribes regarding food, healing, and safety.  Today, we contact the non-ordinary reality for guidance for power, personal advice, and healing. At the conclusion, you can begin living in a manner recognizing that what we see is not all there is.  There is a depth, or dimension to our world that can be reached through shamanic work, prayer, and meditation.  This includes stopping long enough during our daily life to put it into practice.  







Seen and unseen support


Retrieval of a power animal/animal totem or spirit guide is an ancient practice.  Shamans, medicine men and women going back for over 10,000 years from almost all indigenous tribes and locations were consultants for healing, leading ceremony, find lost objects, or animal/spirit retrievals.  They had knowledge of the spiritual structure of life. They would “journey” to visit one of the three non-ordinary realities running parallel to the ordinary reality we experience daily. Drumming or sometime drugs induced the state-of-mind needed to journey.  The journey experience is a semi-controlled dream state or vision being aware of what manifests.  There is an upper, middle, and lower world.  Unlike the Christian doctrine of heaven above and hell below, the indigenous tribes and those practicing these old ways today experience peace and helpful beings where they journey.


A power animal or spirit guide may be with you always in this lifetime or another may replace it when the lesson requiring their assistance is complete.  You may also have more than one at anytime.  An example may be a frog may appear as your animal totem.  A frog goes through three stages: an egg to polliwog into a frog.  You may in your personal life be going through some sort of change or initiation, similar to getting married, becoming a mother or father, starting a new career or academic track.  The benefit is the power animal assists you on a spiritual level to do what it does without effort. 




Monthly Gatherings

I have suspended holding drumming circles for the time being.  I am continuing to do training on the journey and learning about shamanism, please contact me.   If you are in the Austin,Texas area please check out Austin Shamanic Healing Journey - (Core Shamanism) for a local drum circle.  Best wishes.




Divination through nature 

You will seek to know your place, your function, your work, your reason for being on earth.  This is a simple quest to find guidance for something concerning you or renewing your intention.  This is like an urban vision quest; the natives do a fast, and usually 3 days in the wilderness alone, this is a focused hour walk in nature.  Quests are as old as time, I believe Jesus' 40 days in the desert was a type of quest prior to his mission on earth.

There is minimal fasting prior to the quest and time to sit and reflect prior to and afterwards is provided.  Your work prior to the walk is to have a sacred intent and be able to let go of the distractions haunting your mind.  Once you get there, the Spirit will take over.




Honoring the Attributes of the Directions  

The Kindred Circle of Peace is a ceremony/ritual to be used to recognize the presence of God/Spirit in all of creation.  Spirit is expressing Itself in many forms with many messages as an artist expresses his or her ideas in art; we can sharpen our eyes to see and ears to hear by taking the time to observer and listen.  The layout is a basic cross-category reference guide between the four-cardinal directions and 10 basic aspects of nature  to assist in pinpointing the specific area of life you desire to enhance or aspect you wish to explore.   This is a guide to assist you in understanding our relationships as humans to nature, which we are a part of too.  The Rosary is used as a physical "hands on" instrument to assist in the path around the circle. The more you use your Rosary, the more powerful energy it acquires.  Learn the ceremony andcreate your own Rosary with beads and items at a fun interactive workshop. Scheduled according to participation.